Summer has always been the most exciting part of the year, at least if you’re in your 20s. You can’t wait to get some time off from college. However, to get the best summertime for this year, you need to set up a plan. Here’re some great tips that will help you to prepare a perfect summer for you and your friends.

Determine the budget

A good plan depends on the financial planning. To prevent the most unexpected costs, plan your budget before you book the trip. The quickest way to determine the budget for a journey is to calculate the accommodation expenses (per day), the cost of tickets (if you’re going by plane), and the daily spending budget for food and entertainment.

Decide what you want to do

If you’re planning additional activities, like visiting summer festivals or sightseeing, you need to decide which ones you’ll take. That means not only choosing the action, but also checking the available terms and, of course, fees.

Where you want to go

Having second thoughts can be tough, so you need to decide the exact route of your holiday trip. We don’t mean by this that you have to plan every single minute of your journey. Sometimes all you need is to set the frame or a few cornerstones, to know exactly where you’re be going and on which day.

Book the tickets

Wait with the booking until you have all mapped out. That’s the safest way you’ll get the perfect summer holiday you wish for. Of course, you can go with the flow, without any firm plans or decisions, but there’s a likely chance that you won’t find the tickets for the day you didn’t expect on your departure day. Flexible plans are more suitable if you’re traveling with friends by your vehicle – that’s when you set the terms and make up plans along the way.

Alternative accommodation

It’s good to know whether your final destination offers alternative accommodation, in case you don’t like the hotel or you’re going without a reservation. You can check out websites like Airbnb where you can find great places to stay while on vacation. Most importantly, it will be much cheaper than a hotel or a hostel, and there’s a chance you’ll meet some nice and friendly people, too.


Additional costs may include unexpected expenses, like in the case you lost some item or you get robbed. Be prepared to bring an extra sum of money, which you’ll guard somewhere near your hand.

How to plan a perfect summer holiday if you’re in your 20s?

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