Sponsor the Bathing Beauties Festival
Make sure your business is part of the fantastic Bathing Beauties Festival and
help keep it alive!

This year the Bathing Beauties Festival takes place between the 5th and 6th
September. We know the Bathing Beauties Festival has extended the holiday season, attracts thousands of visitors and is certainly putting Mablethorpe on the map as a centre for art and culture on the East Coast.

There are three ways to get involved and also promote your business at
the same time.

Option A: Place an advert in Bathing Beauties Brochure-
1/4 page £45.00
1/2 page £65.00

Full Page £100
Option B: Host your own stand at the Festival – £100
Option C: Place an advert on the Bathing Beauties Website £25.00. (£20
for MAP CIC members).

Please contact Karen Froggatt:
tel 07917 628171
email opsmanager@map-cic.co.uk
Add your support to the Festival and take advantage by promoting your

Please see our website for further information on the Festival

Sponsor the Bathing Beauties Festival

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