Fun Free Events in Austin TX for Families

If you live in Austin, TX, you are probably already aware of the great things you can do. Where are you? Austin is a huge city of creative people, good food and fantastic events. It is very likely that you can live all your life in Austin and not even notice the many fun events Austin has to offer. If you do not live in Austin, but plan a visit or plan your trip to another place, you will definitely want to be here for a while and see the big things.

Live music

Austin has long been known as the world capital of live music. Live music has long been the cultural heart of this beautiful city, which dates back to the late 1970s when legends such as Willie Nelson played regularly at Armadillo’s historic world headquarters. The armadillo was famous for bringing together two different groups: cowboys and hippies. Although closed in the 1980s, it is still considered the place that established Austin’s reputation as a live musician.

To date, you can hear groups of the open door from almost every bar and pub along 6th Street. And there is not just one type of music you can expect. You’ll hear all kinds of music, from blues to rock, country, and jazz.


Austin hosts several internationally renowned events, many of which are concerts.

South by Southwest (or SXSW) is one of the largest press conferences in the world. It is a massive gathering of musicians, filmmakers and web media players from around the world. Once a year, the city is filled with artists hoping to make them big and industry experts looking for the next big thing.

SXSW has three main areas: music, cinema, and multimedia.

The music section contains hundreds of bands in the United States and many other countries. Any pub, ban, and restaurant that can record a band, and some places that do not normally offer live music, will be unique to SXSW alone. In addition to groups, there are also Scouts and executives who hope to get something wonderful to be able to sign a development contract.

sxsw film festivalThe film part of the event is where filmmakers from around the world showcased their films, documentaries and short films for an enthusiastic audience of moviegoers and industry professionals. Featured films include stars with famous talents and those shot by relatively unknown strangers on a minimal budget. As with music, artists have the opportunity to influence their work in the industry.

The multimedia part of SXSW focuses on internet and internet technology. Here, the latest websites and mobile apps compete for attention, venture capital and media exposure.

In addition to SXSW, many minor events occur constantly. Blues on the green for example. Blues on the Green, hosted by local radio station KGSR, is a series of free concerts that take place twice a month at Austin’s Zilker Park throughout the summer. The shows start at 7:30 pm and there are booths on site where you can buy drinks and food. The event is family and includes dogs!

blues on the green

As for things in Austin, Texas, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Austin is a city full of exciting things to do, so the next time you wake up in Austin, think, “What can I do today?” Come out. It will definitely happen!

What is a Clairvoyant?

In French, Clairvoyance means clear vision. Persons with this type of symptom can see visions and many types of pictures in their mind. They can see some kinds of things beyond their normal visions. This can happen due to their third eye. This is also called the extra sensory perception. The person with clairvoyance can see clearly. This kind of psychic ability can vary from person to person.

The person may experience this kind of psychic phenomena in a visual way. People who have clairvoyance, they can see things within their minds. They can even see the colours, images and daytime dreams as well.

Signs that prove you are a clairvoyant:

There are some sorts of signs that prove you are a clairvoyant. These are such as follows:

Visual psychic flashes:There are many people think that it is crazy. But you are actually gifted. You can see the flashes of lights and colours. You can also see some kinds of floating orbs and colours around you as well. You can feel some sorts of glowing aura around the people surrounding you.

Day dreaming:In this situation, you can easily find yourself slipped into day dreaming position. So, visualization is a main part in this story. Such kinds of visualizations can also come all of a sudden naturally to you. You should not do any kinds of extra effort for this. You can definitely learn more on .

Your sense of direction:You can sense something extraordinary that others cannot. If you can do so, then you are a clairvoyant.

Appreciate the beauty in life:You are much more knowledgeable than others. The clairvoyant people can appreciate and adore the home décor, photography and other kinds of art as well.

Vivid imagination power:Clairvoyant people are very creative and imaginative as well. They can see the whole world very differently. They can praise life and art. Your imagination is very much strong in this case. You can show your creative side as well.

You can see things fit together:You can see everything in your mind’s eye. Things will be perfect in your mind’s eye and you can see it properly in shape as well. You can also solve any kinds of fitting problems with your advanced and sorted mind.

Improve the psychic ability:

You will have to be patient. If you want to improve your psychic ability then you will have to practice these steps:

You will have to do meditation.

You will have to enrich and upgrade your visualization power.

You should always open your third eye in this case.

Practice is very much needed in this case. Actually, there are many people who have different kinds of psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance is a facility to see the hidden things. This type of psychic ability is very much beneficial in order to find the lost child and lost valuable things as well. There are many clairvoyant people who discredit their special ability and name it as day dreaming, wandering of minds and wishful thinking as well. But in general they are gifted. They are special persons as well.

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